Grants with NHS involvement - use of SOECAT for Scottish sponsors

Grants with NHS involvement - use of SOECAT for Scottish sponsors

We are writing to draw your attention to a change in the way that NHS costs are reviewed during grant applications. This is being driven primarily by new ways of handling NHS Excess Treatment Costs (ETCs) in England, but will also affect Scottish organisations applying to UK funders.  No changes are currently planned to the way in which ETCs are handled in Scotland.

From the 1st of October 2018, researchers applying to UK funders are invited to complete a new form known as a ‘Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Template (SoECAT)’ for clinical research. It is the responsibility of the sponsoring organisation to complete the form.

The SOECAT sets out the activities on the study, using the existing AcoRD framework, and this is then reviewed and signed off by the local NHS R&D office.

Training is currently being developed, and is expected to be open to the wider community after March 2019. In the meantime, the Chief Scientist Office (CSO) and NHS Research Scotland Central management team (NRS CMT) are planning to hold a short event in the New Year to raise awareness and address any questions.

If you would like to participate in such an event, or have any further questions, please contact me directly (

Further information can be found at the links below:

NIHR information on English ETCs and SOECAT

AMRC advice

UK wide guidance on attributing the costs of clinical research: AcoRD

Scottish ETC process


For a copy of a presentation explaining these changes, please see