2025 Lister Institute Research Prizes now open

2025 Lister Institute Research Prizes now open

The Fellowship gives scientists the opportunity to develop their potential with an increased award of £300,000 of flexible funding over a five-year period. To date, they have been able to support some excellent early career researchers – awarding the Prize to six new fellows in 2023 and  a further six in 2024.

They aim to award at least six prizes, based on:

  • the originality and quality of the proposed research
  • the achievements of the applicant in the context of their own circumstances
  • the transformational impact that the Prize would have on the recipient’s career, considering their research environment and other funding.

Other than the provision or augmentation of personal salary, the Prize fund may be used in any appropriate way to support the applicant’s research, including expenditure on equipment, travel, consumables or the salaries of post-doctoral workers, technicians, PhD students, or for a replacement lecturer.

Please refer to the Lister Institute website for an overview of the Prizes and how to apply

FAQs, and a summary of eligibility and the Terms and Conditions. Please direct any queries to the Operations Manager.