What We Do

What We Do

To ask a question, please email enquiries@accord.scot

As Sponsor, ACCORD will provide advice and support throughout your research study with:

● Funding applications
● Protocol development and preparation of other documentation e.g. participant information and consent forms
● Completion and authorisation of the IRAS form
● Planning study set-up
● Regulatory submissions
● Amendments
● Sourcing investigational supplies
● Confirming appropriate insurance
● Legal input and authorised signatories for contracts
● Risk assessment
● Study close down
● Publication
● Working with industry

We provide:

● Expert governance and regulatory advice
● Dedicated facilitators to support your project
● Quality assurance services
● Monitoring
● Pharmacovigilance
● Expert legal input and authorised University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian signatories for contracts
● Arrangement for appropriate insurance and liability provisions
● Training and guidance