Patient and Public Involvement

Patient and Public Involvement

Patient and public involvement means members of the public getting involved in the research process itself – being part of the research team rather than just being a participant in a study.

It aims to improve the quality and relevance of research by ensuring the patient experience and public perspective is incorporated. Many research funders now expect applicants to demonstrate how they have involved members of the public in the design and conduct of their research.

Members of the public involved in research would typically:

● Help identify topics for research and ensure topics are relevant to patients, carers and members of the public
● Ensure researchers ask the right questions and in a way that the public understand
● Ensure people being researched are approached in the right way
● Improve the quality of research by adding another point of view to the way research is undertaken

Bursaries for patient and public involvement in research:

We are pleased to announce additional bursary funding has been made available by ACCORD to support researchers to actively involve patients and the public in research in NHS Lothian. For further details, please see documents below.