Funding Applications

Funding Applications

It is important that you cost your research study effectively, to ensure that adequate funds are requested for the lifetime of the study.

Contact ACCORD about your intention to apply for funding. The University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian Finance Teams work together closely to provide help, ensuring you capture the correct funding, identify NHS costs and establish which organisation will administer your grant.


University of Edinburgh Research Support

The Research Support Office provides assistance in applying for funding, raising awareness of funding opportunities and sharing best practice on application writing.

The team provide costings, help with full economic costing (fEC) and offers advice on the application before providing institutional authorisation, working in close collaboration with research support staff in your school or research centre.

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NHS Lothian R&D Finance Team

Accountants in the R&D office provide costings where there is an impact on NHS resources or facilities. They can help with finding funding, costing the application and providing estimates of NHS support costs. Please send all grant application queries to


ACCORD Clinical Research Facilitators

The facilitators liaise between ERI and NHS Lothian R&D to pull together funding applications for large and/or regulated trials and help streamline the process for you.

If you are planning a clinical trial of an investigational medicinal product, medical device or other complex interventional study, the facilitators will work on the application with you, identifying support facilities, regulatory costs and all other costs to be considered.

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