UK Local Information Pack

UK Local Information Pack

Four Nations - committed to making it easier to carry out research in the UK.

The Four Nations Policy Group are developing cross-border processes for Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales. As part of the process to make the researcher experience of study set up the same across the UK, implementation of a UK Local Information Pack (LIP) will commence on 5 June 2019.

The LIP is a group of documents to be provided to NHS organisations to set up research studies. Further details are available on the NHS Research Scotland website and on IRAS Help.

Important to note - from 5th June 2019 an Organisation Information Document will replace the Site Specific Information form used in Scotland and Northern Ireland (and the Statement of Activities used in England and Wales).  From this date the Site Specific Information form (and Statement of Activities) will no longer be in use.

For research sponsored by the University of Edinburgh and/or NHS Lothian, the following activities will be delegated to the Chief Investigator:

● Completion of the draft Outline Organisation Information Document
● Completion of the Schedule of Events
● Completion of the Localised Organisation Information Document with sites
● Submission of all required documents to NRS PCC
● Circulation of the Local Information Pack to sites in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (NRS PCC will circulate the Local Information Pack to sites in Scotland)