Application process

Application process

Application Process

To ensure responsible research all studies using NHS Lothian samples, regardless of industrial affiliation, require approval through our tissue access process. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Application: complete a detailed application form (email us for the current version of the application form) outlining your project and the specific samples needed.
  2. Pre-submission Discussion: before submitting your application via email, we encourage a preliminary discussion to address any questions you may have about costs, timelines, and relevant guidelines.
  3. Committee Review: once finalized, your application is presented to our expert tissue access committee. They will assess the project details, methodology, ethical considerations and sample availability associated with your request. If the committee has raised issues, they will be discussed with you for clarification and allow you to make appropriate changes and resubmit.
  4. Approval Notification: after receiving most committee responses, we aim to formally notify you of the outcome via an approval letter in 2-3 weeks’ time. In case if application is not approved then a clear reason will be given.


Researchers wishing to make amendments to their original application should contact the Tissue Governance team in the first instance.

Feel free to contact our Biorepository management team, comprising Craig Marshall or Vishad Patel for further discussion and application form on how we can support your research endeavours.

Postal Address                                                                Laboratory Address

Tissue Governance                                                           Pathology Laboratory, 2nd Floor Dept of

Laboratory Medicine Management                                   Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

NHS Lothian                                                                     51 Little France Crescent

Nine – Bioquarter                                                             Old Dalkeith Road

9, Little France Road                                                        Edinburgh

Edinburgh EH16 4UX                                                       EH14 UZX


Please feel free to email the RIE Tissue Governance team with any comments or suggestions.