Digital Pathology and Tissue Micro Array (TMAs)

Digital Pathology and Tissue Micro Array (TMAs)

Leica  Aperio GT450 Dx

Our recent investment in the cutting-edge Leica Aperio GT450 DX digital scanner has empowered us to internally conduct research slide imaging, streamlining processes and providing high-quality WSI (Whole Slide Images) of clinical/Research samples swiftly and efficiently. This advancement has significantly enhanced our capability in digital and computational pathology projects (Deep Learning and Artificial intelligence), benefiting local researchers and commercial companies.

The output file has *.SVS extension. The Images are securely archived on a dedicated server, which is supported by the University of Edinburgh Datastore. From here, Images can be downloadable (Uni email address is required) or can be transferred onto the provided hard drive. These images are accessed by the freely downloadable Leica Aperio ImageScope or QuPath viewing software.

Tissue MicroArray Construction (TMAs)

We design and build bespoke TMAs tailored to your research questions. We have access to the 3DHISTECH TMA Master 2 which has a software-controlled precise transfer of core from donor block to recipient block. This innovative technology allows you to analyze numerous cases on a single slide, streamlining your research and unlocking new possibilities.