Research Data Service

Research Data Service

The University of Edinburgh's Research Data Service provide tools, support and training to aid those working with research data, helping you to achieve good practice in the different phases of research:

PLANNING - writing a data management plan (DMP)

A DMP is a document that describes your plans for creating, organising, documenting, storing and sharing data. It takes into account issues such as data protection and confidentiality, data preservation and curation, and provides a framework that supports researchers and their data throughout the course of their research and beyond.

Research funders are increasingly requiring researchers to meet certain data management criteria, and submit a technical or data management plan as part of their grant application.

Further guidance, DMP templates and online tools are available here

DURING - working with data 

The Research Data Service provides many useful tools and support for actively working with research data during the span of your project.

Guidance on finding and using data, data storage, versioning and quality control and sharing active data is available here

Visit our pages on data storage for further information on DataStore.

AFTER - sharing and archiving data 

Edinburgh DataShare is an online digital repository of multi-disciplinary research datasets produced at the University of Edinburgh, and the Data Vault provides data creators with a safe place to store research data which they are no longer actively developing but need to keep, and which cannot be published.

Further details on sharing and preserving research data are available here


A range of training programmes are available on research data and research data management in the form of an online course (MANTRA), workshops and seminars to help you with managing your research data effectively and efficiently.

Visit here for further information.