Confirming Sponsorship

Confirming Sponsorship

Contact ACCORD for confirmation of sponsorship of your research before the submission for any other approvals. Sponsorship must be in place before e.g. REC favourable opinion, MHRA authorisation, NHS R&D Management Approval, HRA Approval are sought.

You should initially confirm the following details:

● Chief Investigator name, employment/honorary contract status & contact details
● Study title
● Estimated start date
● Multi-centre or single centre research

As a minimum, you should submit: 

● Draft protocol
● Participant information sheet
● Consent form
● Draft IRAS full project data set
● Draft Outline Organisation Information Document
● Schedule of Events

On receipt of the information and documents, a Sponsor review will be initiated and feedback will be provided.  When all comments are addressed, a request for Sponsor authorisation within IRAS can be made. The documents can then be submitted to the REC, R&D and other bodies as appropriate.

Please see SOP GS003 Sponsorship Approval for further information.