Research Passports

Research Passports

The Research Passport scheme is a streamlined procedure for issuing Honorary Research Contracts or Letters of Access to researchers who do not have a contractual relationship with the NHS who carry out research in the NHS that affects patient care or requires access to NHS Facilities.

As well as your completed Research Passport form, we will also require a signed and dated copy of your CV (dated within the last 2 years), a summary of the activities that you will be involved in whilst working on the project and note of the NHS Lothian line managers’ name. This is the person who is responsible for HR issues within the department you will be working in.

We may also need a copy of your Disclosure Certificate and a copy of your Occupational Health Certificate; it will depend on what your activities are whether these are required but HR will advise on this.

For University of Edinburgh staff and students we would advise that you contact the University of Edinburgh’s HR department and they will be able to help you with your application – the contact we have is Angela Hacket (

To submit your Research Passport application form, or ask any queries, please contact the R&DOffice.

To view the NIHR guidance, please see